A seismocardiogram is a recording of cardiac vibrations that are measured on the human chest.

Similar to how scientists use a seismograph to capture the force and timing of earthquakes, HeartForce proprietary SCG technology allows for the capture of low-frequency vibrational signals of the heart that are carried through the chest. These signals provide invaluable information on the strength, timing and rhythm of the heart, which can then be used to assess an individual’s cardiac mechanical function, level of fitness or to diagnose if an individual is showing signs of heart disease.

This is unique to traditional methods of heart assessment. For example, an electrocardiogram (ECG), only captures the electrical signal of the heart and does not allow for the measurement of mechanical heart function nor can it be used to assess the condition of coronary vessels. Other devices, such as an echocardiogram can show the physical state of the heart, however these devices can only be used in medical centres due to size and cost.

HeartForce SCG technology is the missing link that provides a complete look at how the heart is functioning in a form factor that allows anyone to self assess their cardiac fitness and proactively check for potential signs of cardiac disease.