Jun 2024

Integration of the EMR-Score into the CardioClin Platform

HeartForce has successfully integrated its advanced EMR-Score algorithm portfolio into the CardioClin platform. This move positions CardioClin as the leading early detection tool for coronary artery disease (CAD), primarily assisting physicians and nurses. We are now ready to seek regulatory approvals from Health Canada, and the FDA.

The improved EMR-Score uses both qualitative and quantitative variables to accurately identify CAD. The algorithm follows this sequence of inputs:

Patient Symptoms:
It considers comprehensive symptom data from patients, including chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, and other common CAD indicators.

Risk Factors:
It evaluates various risk factors such as age, gender, family history, smoking habits, hypertension, and cholesterol levels.

Seismocardiography Signals:
The algorithm uniquely incorporates seismocardiography (SCG) signals, which capture the vibrations produced by heartbeats, offering detailed insights into cardiac function and structure.

In summary, CardioClin stands to become a pivotal tool in cardiovascular health, enabling early CAD detection and providing personalized healthcare to patients while enhancing clinical decision-making for physicians.

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