Changing the way people detect heart disease.

Innovative heart assessment technologies for everyone.
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We use the latest in medical innovation, technology and scientific research to create breakthrough heart and health assessment solutions.

Say goodbye to expensive equipment

Our patented early detection technology is a serious alternative to expensive or invasive examinations including waiting times.

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Wide range of applications

Our cardiovascular research and technology is applicable for a wide range of applications in heart and health assessment.

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Heart disease is the global leading cause of death and kills 12.6 million people per year.
The silent killer: for 30% of people, the first and only sign of a heart problem will be a fatal heart attack.
Proprietary eHealth insights are now affordable, accessible and actionable using HeartForce technologies and data.

Our Innovation: Cardiac Performance Metrics (CPM)

A healthy heart operates at optimal strength, with a regular rhythm and in perfect timing. If any one of these three actions falls outside of their normal range, the heart is not performing properly, signaling impaired heart function.

Cardiac Performance Metrics (CPM) combines seismocardiography, ECG and heart rate signals into actionable insights that relate to strength, rhythm, and timing.

For the first time, CPM provides a complete and detailed view of heart health, by understanding the electrical and mechanical signals of the heart.

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Our Core Technology: Seismocardiography

Similar to a seismograph, seismocardiography captures and analyzes the vibrations of the heart, allowing for the dectection of problems that an ECG may miss.

Using seimocardiography (SCG) technology, we have created the first complete, self-screening technology for the early detection and prevention of heart disease.

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The Benefits

Anytime, AnywhereA healthier heart from the comfort of your own home.

Real-time ResultsLearn everything about your heart in under one minute.

Simple TestingTurn complex heart data into actionable insights.

Affordable, Pro-gradeClass-leading technology that is affordable to everyone.

Non-invasiveGet peace of mind using our non-invasive assessments.

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