HeartForce has successfully developed a new CAD score system for screening coronary artery disease.


Contingent upon our clinical studies, we found that the EMR-score when used for screening is far more accurate than current CAD screening methods that are currently available on the market.

Based on our clinical research, in a study of 1734 individuals. we found that the EMR-Score offers a similar sensitivity and NPV when compared to a pre-test probability (PTP) screen and even a CAC Score test.  However, our EMR-score was far more effective in correctly identifying negatively tested patients (Specificity) than screening tests at a similar cost basis – approximately 3.7x times more effective than a competitor screening test, the PTP.

Cost Effective

All current CAD screening technologies are either deficient (PTP-scores) or byzantine and expensive (ECG-stress test and Calcium Score), while requiring specialists to administer testing.  Currently, Non-CAD patients are not removed from the screening pool at a sufficient stage leading to ~94% of non-CAD patients carrying forward additional healthcare costs.  This contributes to the rising cost of CAD, which approaches 1 trillion USD globally.

Our EMR-score is an accurate and cost-effective CAD screening solution that for the first time, covers both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients allowing healthcare systems to confidently screen out non-CAD patients by 50%.

This reduces healthcare costs significantly since our software will result in the removal of multiple specialist referrals and hospital visits, as screening can be conducted by a GP or a nurse.