Oct 2023

EMR Score Introduced at the Computing in Cardiology Conference

HeartForce introduced the Electromechanical Risk (EMR) Score at the prestigious CinC2023 conference held in Atlanta. Computing in Cardiology Conference, a globally recognized scientific symposium, provides a platform for experts in the fields of medicine, physics, engineering, and computer science to disseminate their cutting-edge research in clinical cardiology and cardiovascular physiology. The EMR Score’s debut at CinC2023 underscored the critical role of innovation and technology in propelling advancements in healthcare, highlighting the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in modern medical practice.

Consistent with tradition, the research papers presented at the conference, including those discussing the EMR Score, were published in Computing in Cardiology, ensuring that this state-of-the-art research reaches a global medical audience. The introduction of the EMR Score at CinC2023 not only marked a significant achievement for HeartForce but also represented a monumental stride forward in the domain of cardiac risk assessment, establishing new benchmarks for precision, accessibility, and patient-centric healthcare.

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