Changing the way people detect coronary artery disease

Innovative heart assessment technologies for everyone.

Our innovation: CAD screening with our proprietary EMR-score

Say goodbye to expensive testing.

Our patented early detection technology is a serious alternative to expensive and invasive examinations, as well as prolonged wait times.

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A wide range of applications

Our cardiovascular research and technology is applicable for a wide range of applications in heart and health assessment.

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Heart disease is the global leading cause of death and kills 12.6 million people per year.
The silent killer: for 30% of people, the first and only sign of a heart problem will be a fatal heart attack.
Proprietary eHealth insights are now affordable, accessible and actionable using HeartForce technologies and data.

Our Innovation:The Electro-Mechanical Risk Score

HeartForce has successfully developed a new CAD score system for medical healthcare professionals.  The new EMR-score combines electro-mechanical signals and risk factors to determine the presence of coronary artery disease (CAD).

This medical-grade solution captures heart vibration waveforms, identifying vibration abnormalities related to CAD.  

The EMR-score is one of the world’s most advanced CAD scoring systems, derived from our latest, patented seismocardiography & gyrocardiography patented research.

Our innovation combines functional heart characteristics, with a deep learning model, various CAD factor data and patented research to make identifying patients with CAD simple and more effective then current methods.

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Our Core Technology: Seismocardiography

The heart of our core technology is based on seismocardiography, or the assessment of heart vibrations by measuring the overall movement induced by the heart as it beats. Using seimocardiography (SCG) technology, we have created the first complete screening technology for the early detection and prevention of coronary artery disease. 

Additionally, we have incorporated an AI paradigm which has been trained through detailed clinical studies. 

This enables detection of CAD with fewer Type I and Type II errors than current screening methods and devices at a similar cost while avoiding higher risk, invasive procedures.

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The Benefits

Accuracy Our device has greater accuracy metrics than current initial screening methodologies.

Cost Effective Our device is more affordable than other post-initial screening methodologies.

Real-time Results Learn everything about your heart in under one minute.

Simple Testing Turn complex heart data into simple decisions.

Affordable, Pro-grade Class-leading technology that is affordable for everyone.

Non-invasive Get peace of mind using our non-invasive assessments.

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